Donnerstag, 20. Mai 2010

#1 Calligraphy Stills

A few stills from my actual work.

Chinese calligraphy was always fascinating to me. I loved the hand made tools, the super thin papers and that everything is covered with gilded ornaments.
I got these beautiful Chinese calligraphy brushes, inkwells, writing paper rolls and seals a few years ago at a Chinese paper ware shop in Hong Kong and used them from time to time for a little artworkespecially for gift cards for my friends. Looking for new objects to shoot some stills, I reused these items for a small series of shots.

Taking pictures like this is really no rocket science. All you need is a good DSLR and really fine lenses, an eye for compositions and light, just a little time and a lot of fun in finding things worth to act in your pictures. You'll find the objects of preference at your home or in your neighborhood.

These stills were made in a totally easy way by simply putting the Chinese calligraphic items on a table, arrange them a wee bit and shoot with a mix from daylight and ordinary electric light. No flash was used at all! The shots are made fully freehand without using a tripod. I took the pictures with a NIKON D200 DSLR and a NIKKOR AF-S 17-35mm f 1:2,8 D professional lens @ 400 ISO and f=2.8. Afterwards, I developed the pictures on an APPLE Mac Pro and APERTURE 3.

Enjoy, Alfredo Briccola

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