Samstag, 21. Juli 2012

Living Jewelry

 few shots from my actual work.

Some pictures of my 2011 Beauty-Shoot for «Magisches Haar» Hairstylist


My «Living Jewelry» pictures has been shot in August 2011with my NIKON D3 DSLR and a NIKKOR AF-S 85mm, f 1:1,4 D lens, under studio conditions. All the fine tuning of the pictures has been made in Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Apple Aperture 3. I made these shots for MAGISCHES HAAR Switzerland, as an in shop design of the hairstylists shop and for advertisements such as billboards, posters, flyers and postcards. The models were all amateurs in the modeling business and did a great job. All the little creepy reptiles came from friends, some of the guys are really specialists in reptiles as their hobby. The whole styling of the models has been done by the shop owner of MAGISCHES HAAR.

Enjoy, Alfredo Briccola

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