Samstag, 1. März 2014

Product Shooting «Zena Veggie Peelers»

A few shots from my recent work.

Since approximately 4 years I shoot all the product and food pictures for ZENA, the famous Swiss manufacturer of the original veggie-peeler «REX». Most of the products are made from aluminum or steel and therefore very glossy and a bit tricky to shoot. Some products are made from ABS (plastic) combined with metal parts and have opaque or translucent surfaces. It is important, to achieve a consistent look of all products throughout the years of work. These shots are used for packaging design, product catalogues, websites and advertising.

ZENA AG, the Swiss inventor and manufacturer of the legendary REX peeler,  (see the website designed by the Swiss communication agency Die neue Agentur and the Swiss web agency agitator you'll find more pictures from the shootings.

All the pictures in this post and on the ZENA website, apart those with a different source tag are © 2010 - 2014 by 100 ISO Photography, Alfredo Briccola.

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